On Our Own

Helping Consumers Who Help Themselves

On Our Own is a not for profit drop-in center located in Albany, Oregon. Our many services help help those consumers with disabilities.


We have regular contact with and work in connection with many different organizations.

Helping Hands of Albany

Linn County Mental Health

Linn County Parole and Probation

Linn Benton Food Share

Just to name a few

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a new vision and hope to those consumers with limited incomes and disabilities. To strengthen individuals daily living skills and give support to consumers. We are dedicated to providing a safe and wholesome environment to all consumers. We believe that through the many programs offered by On Our Own we develop positive values, high self-esteem and a philosophy of nurturing consumers to reach their full potential as successful citizens.

What We Offer Consumers

On Our Own is a strong and effective community drop-in center that:

Provides a place to meet and be with others in similar situations who can offer peer support.

Provides an open center with leisure activities and also scheduled activities outside the center.

Provides supervision during all activities.

Provides meals and snacks during center hours

Provides transportation when needed and available.

Provides resources for community social services.

Provides a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere allowing individual expression.

Dedication To Consumers

On Our Own is dedicated to responding to the needs of the consumers. In this same spirit of compassion, innovation and commitment we will continue to strive for excellence in the care of the consumers.

We believe in the dignity of the person and the sacredness of human life.

We communicate with consumers openly, honestly and with sensitivity.

We respect the different needs on the consumers.

Working to see that needed education and good health care practices are being provided.